OFFER | Arcelik TKM 9961 B Telve Turkish Coffee Machine, 2 FREE MEHMET EFENDI 250GRM TURKISH COFFEE | Turkish Coffee Maker, Electric Turkish Coffee Pot, Coffee Machine

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{OFFER} | Arcelik TKM 9961 B Telve Turkish Coffee Machine, 2 FREE MEHMET EFENDI 250GRM TURKISH COFFEE 

Instructions: With Arcelik Turkish Coffee Machine, you will prepare foamy and delicious Turkish coffee. It has a heat-resistant ergonomic handle, you can prepare your coffee without any injuries to your hand.

Thanks to the safety system of the stainless steel electric coffee pot, it will no longer work if the coffee pot is dehydrated or overheated. The large internal volume allows you to brew enough coffee for many people.

It has an ergonomic handle and a rotatable energy transfer base system.

Usage: Place the coffee-making pot into the left compartment heating surface. Press the left compartment coffee-making button for 1 serving. Once the water pumping process is over, press and hold the same button for 3 seconds to end the coffeemaking process and drain the water inside the coffee-making pot into your cup. If the water you have poured into your cup is too little or too much, press the cup size adjustment button to set it to small, medium, or large. You can press the cup size adjustment button to switch between levels. Once the LED of the desired cup size turns on, end the process.

Additional Information: Put the desired amount of coffee and sugar (up to 3 servings) into the coffee-making pot. Place the coffee-making pot in its slot. Slightly press the button that is found on the compartment where you have placed the coffee-making pot and that shows the number of servings based on the amount of coffee you have added. - The light of the selected button will light in white. Once the coffee-making process is complete, an audio warning will be heard and the LED of the relevant coffee-making button will flash in white. Once the LED turns dull-white, slightly pull back the coffee-making pot to remove it and pour the coffee into your cup.

Induction Heating: Yes Power (W): 1200 W

Illuminated Warning: Yes

Automatic Water Intake: Yes

Measuring Spoon: Yes

Audio Warning: Yes

Coffee Pot Material: Stainless Steel

Water Tank: Yes

Water tank capacity (L): 1500 mL

Product Color: Copper Color

Cook Sense Technology (Cook Sense Detection): Yes

Anti Spill Technology (Overflow Prevention): Yes

Low Water Level Indicator: Yes

Spinet Technology (Water Spraying Mixing): Yes

Coffee Pot Color: Copper Color

Cup Capacity: 6 Cable Winding: Yes

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