Turkish Coffee Maker Arcelik K 3190 P Telve

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This Arcelik coffeemaker is durable and functional, and it is a good companion for those who care about making great coffee, You can drink up the freshness, warmth, and boldness every single time you brew because the Arcelik K3190 P features a sophisticated brewing method.

This Arcelik coffeemaker is easy to use, which means you are able to expertly prepare pot after pot without worries.

Prepares 1 to 4 cups of coffee simultaneously in a short time Convenient usage with 1 It detachable water tank, by recognizing required water amount and automatic water pick-up

Antispill system: Spilling over is prevented eliminating the need for supervision

Spinjet system: The ideal foam and mix of the coffee are obtained eliminating the need for stirring Cooksense brewing detecting system obtains the ideal brewing, excellent taste Simultaneous preparation of two different tastes of coffee, such as with or without sugar Elegant design with illuminated brewing division and water tank Audible and illuminated warnings show the cooking status and water tank fullness Reminding markers for coffee taste options.

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