Authentic Turkish Baklava a brand of Deras Sweets & Bakery L.L.C. is here to revive that warm feeling and offer you a variety of fresh traditional sweets and ornaments that guarantee great quality and taste every bite, bringing back the sweet memories of the past to the great taste of today.
Authentic Turkish Baklava is United Arab Emirates' first international online site that sells traditional products. We have delivered thousands of products to thousands of clients without any problems all over the United Arab Emirates.

"Top-Rated Online Baklava Store at the United Arab Emirates"

We aim to deliver the products that they want to live abroad and to people who are interested in Turkish culture and products in the most robust and fast way. We are working harder every day to increase our product range, service quality, and customer satisfaction level. If you can not find the products on the website, you can contact us, you can get information about delivery and price.
Have a good shopping experience with us. If you need any support, please feel free to contact us.


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