It has come to our attention that there are a number of copycat websites and social pages, using Authentic Turkish Baklava ( name, with slight variations in the handles or URL address that confuse our customers.


    Most of these websites seem to offer blank sales, where you would purchase from them and they would either not fulfill the order or simply provide a very low par service, taking your information for their own purposes and intentionally tarnishing Authentic Turkish Baklava ( name.


      Authentic Turkish Baklava ( has no affiliation with other service providers, we solely sell on our website.
        We welcome business competitiveness and believe that healthy competition is crucial to keep the market on its toes. Any growing business should find in competition an opportunity to challenge themselves to offer better services and better deals, and this is for the ultimate benefit of the customers. But relying on tarnishing the name of your competition, creating fake websites and services, under the name they built for themselves, shows a serious lack of business ethics and knowledge. It is definitely not a strategy that can sustain a business trying to penetrate the market.


          Our team was able to identify the offender’s names and company websites that have chosen this business model for themselves. We wish them the best in their endeavors, however unfruitful that could be. We will stick to our Business Model and not rely on similar path.


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