Again, don't want to force you to make a choice, but recently, cold baklava has made a quick introduction to our lives. Traditional baklava has always existed and was always in the most beautiful corner of our hearts, and it still is, by the way. Cold baklava is a new generation flavor. There are many different points that separate the two. We will touch on all of them shortly, but in our opinion, the flavors of both serve very different functions. What do we always say; While our traditional flavors appeal to our roots, new generation flavors bring new dimensions to our taste buds. Now let's take a look at the details that separate these two flavors from each other.



Just stop for a second and imagine that baklava has come out of our lives. You're out of breath for a second, right? It's very normal because when you think of sorbet dessert, it comes to mind first. Also, lots of variety. Pistachio baklava, walnut baklava, dry baklava, even hazelnut baklava. Of course, the place of pistachio and walnut baklava is different. Baklava is like the queen of desserts, with its thinly rolled dough, plenty of ingredients and sherbet poured over it as soon as it comes out of the oven. Also on the name, "traditional". After all, we are people who like to live by our traditions and roots. How many nations in the world are so homesick? Baklava is such a delicacy. Isn't the first thing that comes to our minds sweet baklava, when we say that you have a sweet mouth, which we serve so that we can eat dessert and talk sweetly? We don't know what you think, but traditional baklava will always have a special place in us, just like in our other traditional recipes.



Of course, after praising so many traditional baklava, you are wondering why cold baklava is compared to it? First of all, let's explain what cold baklava is for those who do not know; Sherbet is not used in cold baklava, instead, milk takes on that task. Therefore, the feature that makes it stand out from the biggest and traditional baklava is that it is lighter. Not milder, obviously a mild dessert. It also has a cooling and refreshing aspect on hot summer days. Therefore, it is more popular than traditional baklava, especially in spring and summer.

Of course, we make cold baklava even better. For example, we bring you chocolate and white chocolate versions. That's where things get a little heated. You are really confused whether to eat traditional or cold baklava. On top of that, the question of whether it's dark chocolate or white chocolate comes into play. You are right too.



We know very well how difficult it is to choose between the two. But in such cases, our stance is clear. What do we always say; When you are stuck between traditional baklava and cold baklava, you can close the topic by saying Mix Baklava plate. You can also eat both kinds of cold baklava in the Mix Baklava plate. A complete baklava show, we say you should try it.