In fact, everyone knows how difficult it is to make baklava. It should not be easy to catch this unique flavor. Well, you know how to understand the best baklava? Baklava, prepared using quality materials and made by a good baklava master, reveals itself in every form.

When you take it in your mouth and bite it, you need to taste a unique flavor. If you don't get this flavor when you dip the fork, worry about the quality of the baklava you consume! At the same time, baklava varieties show their quality with their color. It is very important to have a bright color. However, it should have a color close to golden yellow. What gives this color is the quality and naturalness of the materials used during the making of the diamond. A baklava made by using fresh, high quality and natural materials has a color close to golden yellow and looks as bright and appetizing.

Good Baklava Appears Alive and Increases Appetite!
When you look at a good baklava, it is possible that it does not make you want to eat. Good baklava has a fresh and appetizing appearance. In a sense, it shows itself with its stance in the showcase, even with its photograph. The sherbet of good baklava is also an important criterion! The syrup must have a good consistency and taste. Achieving the ideal consistency allows the sherbet to be easily drawn during the baklava making. If the consistency is lighter or darker than it should be, it makes it difficult for the baklava to absorb the sherbet. This makes an unpleasant reflection in its taste.

The smell of baklava is another important criterion. When you smell or consume baklava, you should definitely smell of butter. If you do not smell oil, baklava sherbet is of poor quality or the quality of butter used in making baklava is low. Different types of oil may also have been used. Therefore, the fact that a good baklava has the smell of butter is very important in terms of safe consumption. Speaking of fragrance, plenty of Pistachios or walnuts must be used as the mortar material during the preparation of baklava. If you smell this walnut or pistachio lightly, it means that you are consuming a good baklava. If fresh mortar materials are used, you can easily get this scent.

Good Baklava Does Not Burn In The Throat!
We have come to the most important criterion… Good baklava never makes a burning sensation neither in the throat nor in the stomach. Of course, if there is no health problem in your stomach or throat… When you start chewing the baklava in your mouth, you should not have a slight burning sensation in your throat. It should not cause a burning sensation in the stomach after a while. Good baklava does not hurt neither the throat nor the stomach. Of course, this rule becomes invalid in case of excessive consumption. However, if it is consumed at the ideal rate, such problems do not occur.

In addition, good baklava should be fried like pomegranate. Too much sherbet should not accumulate on the empty spaces in the tray. If it accumulates, it means that the consistency of baklava sherbet could not be reached or too much sherbet was added to make it heavier. Of course, this factor reduces the quality of baklava. There are many products made with fraudulent baklava recipes on the market. The way to avoid these products prepared with unhealthy ingredients is to choose reliable addresses such as Authentic Turkish Baklava to order baklava!