It is one of the desserts of Turkish cuisine, which is filled with sherbet sweets. This flavor, which makes everyone addicted to eating with its unique cooking methods, tricks, and small touches that add taste to its taste, is surely enough to be the star of the tables alone!

How about taking a look at that delicious world of baklava, how to eat baklava, and find a little mouth-watering? So let's start!

Feel the Taste: How to Eat Baklava Most Correctly?
Although many gourmets have a common idea about baklava and how they are eaten, people who have a strong taste or business owners, the correct consumption of baklava is actually a subject of the current debate.

Consumption of baklava in accordance with its rule is an alternative that doubles the flavor in the center of baklava or according to baklava producers. If you want to learn how to eat Gaziantep baklava, you are in the right place!

To get a convincing answer to the question of how to eat Turkish baklava:

First of all, we recommend you to take a sip of your water before eating baklava.
Optionally, turn the baklava up either by taking the baklava slice into your hand or by dipping the fork into the front of the baklava.
Put the lower part of the baklava into your mouth and start eating. This is a very simple and actually very effective method!
When consumed in this way, the dense syrup at the bottom of the baklava will blend with the top to provide extra flavor.
Dry baklava, which is almost the same as the classic Antep baklava, is an ambitious alternative in terms of flavor, just like classic baklava.
If you have not consumed dry baklava before or if you are wondering how to eat dry baklava, there is not a very different method to do. All you have to do is enjoy this delicious dessert!
You can consume this baklava, which is easy to store and consume, by heating it, and you can double the taste.