5 Baklava Serving Advice

Serving baklava needs skill as much as producing baklava. We recommend you to take a look at these ideas that we will offer for you, especially if you want the crowded guest tables or this dessert that you prepare for your loved ones during the day to be much more memorable!

1) For Classic Lovers: Delicious Baklava with Abundant Pistachio

The presentation style, which is as important as the correct consumption of baklava, is one of the issues that both baklava producers and companies that offer baklava pay attention to. But of course, it is not necessary to have only one business to offer baklava.
If you want to give your guests a sweet prize in your home for one evening, you can meet the harmony of these by decorating them with plenty of pistachios.
Depending on your preference, you can make different presentations to your loved ones with either powdered pistachio or piece pistachio.

2) Baklava Dream with Sweet and Refreshing Ice Cream

Although it seems that the consumption rate of sweets has decreased when the weather gets warmer, it is very easy to consume sweets every season with little touches!
If you are a fan of baklava and you are looking for a way to offer baklava with different alternatives, you can create a practical and refreshing option thanks to ice cream.
At the same time, you can give different chances to try new flavors by presenting different ice cream types beside baklava.

3) Double Flavor: Crispy Baklava with Creamy Cream

The cream, which is considered among the classic presentations of baklava, just like pistachio, has preserved its compatibility with baklava from past to present.
If you care about consuming desserts after meals or if you want your desserts to be tastier, you can easily reach the taste you want with the cream that you will offer next to baklava.
At the same time, baklava with cream, which you can offer to your guests who come to visit you, will be one of your favorites in a very short time.


4) Abundant Baklava: Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Walnut

If you are one of those who say that chocolate and baklava are presented together, you should try this flavor without losing time! If both modern, delicious and full presentations are for you, the harmony of chocolate, hazelnut, and walnut will be your savior.
Chocolate, which has begun to enter the baklava in recent years, contributes to this extra flavor.
You can also create hearty presentations by choosing your classic or chocolate baklava with plenty of chocolate, fresh hazelnuts, and walnuts.

5) Lightening Flavor with Seasonal Fruits

It is nice to consume baklava after meals or to suppress sweet cravings during the day, but if you are careful to keep your form, it is useful to reduce portions or find mitigating suggestions.
If you agree, how about getting help from fruits? In addition to all kinds of desserts, you can easily offer the fruits that you can easily offer, besides baklava with its suitability and seasonality.
Thanks to the fruits that also help balance the sugar ratio, you can easily consume your baklava without having any digestive problems, and you can also have a light and pleasant baklava meal.