Baklava Burger with Pistachio

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Introducing you newest Baklava product from Authentic Turkish Baklava!

Round shaped, filled with lots of pistachios, crispy and absolutely delicious!

We serve you Turkey’s best quality baklava products.

Baklava burger is prepared with special techniques from 40 layers of dough.

The ratio of dough is lower than standard baklava.

It contains plenty of coarsely premium Gaziantep Pistachios.

Butter is a little more abundant than classic baklava but has less sugar.

Picking best season premium pistachio, using special butter; Turkish chefs to roll out the thin dough and expertly cooking.

Finally, a wonderful Turkish Baklava Burger with Pistachio!


Ingredients: Granulated sugar, drinking water, flour, butter, pistachio, wheat starch, eggs, table salt.

Shelf life is 7 days, please keep in a cool and dry place.


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