ChocoBak with Pistachio

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This is a very unique type of Baklava found. It consists of’’ phyllo’ made with a large amount of butter and is heaped with pistachios and chocolate. The fragrance of the pistachios makes it utterly delicious. It is mostly prepared during family gatherings and special occasions. The layers of phyllo, butter, pistachios, chocolate, and perfumed syrup make it delectable and drool-worthy. The very thin dough is used for making the pastries. After baking, sugar syrup is poured over the’ phyllo’ sheets to soak up. It is crunchy and one can feel the flavors in their mouth. It can be stored at a cool and dry place for up to 5 days and therefore, it is a good option for gifting it to somebody on special occasions.



  • 1KG boxes contain approx 24 pieces of Baklava.
  • Keep in a cool and dry place for 5 days. 
  • Absolutely does not contain any color additives and preservatives.

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