Palace Baklava With Pistachio - in 2KG Tray

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Baklavas are sweet dessert pastries made with thin layers of phyllo sheets. It is consumed on special occasions. For bulk purchases, Baklavas are available in-tray.

Palace Baklava with pistachio in 2kg Tray                    

Palace Baklava is made with 30 layers of phyllo dough and is extremely soft and tender. Although, the ratio is lesser than the other Baklava kinds. If the fluffy part is eaten first, then the taste and authenticity can be felt at once. It belongs to traditional Turkish cuisine. It is sold all over Turkey and a mouth-watering sweet. The flavor of the pistachio makes it enriching. It is a carrot-shaped Baklava. It is cut into pieces and then eaten. This variety is slightly larger in shape. For bulk purchases, it is sold in trays.                                      

How it is made?

Palace baklava is made of 30-layer phyllo. The rate of dough is less than other baklava varieties. Coarsely ground pistachio is peppered inside layers in handfuls. It is cut into slices that are slightly larger than other baklawa varieties. The butter is slightly higher than the classic baklawa whereas the sugar is rather less.


  • 2KG Metal Tray contains approx 20 slices of Baklava.
  • Keep in a cool and dry place for 5 days. 
  • Absolutely does not contain any color additives and preservatives.

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Ingredients: Granulated sugar, potable water, wheat flour, pistachio, wheat starch, egg, and common salt 


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