Katmer With Pistachio - in 2KG Tray

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Katmer with Pistachio filled in 2 KG tray is an exquisite taste of desserts. A delicacy to relish, the sweet Katmer pastry is filled with pistachio nuts and then wrapped it in thin layers of phyllo sheets. This product is elegantly packed in an attractive 2 KG tray for easy carrying and gifting purposes.



Katmer dessert, a flavor unique to Gaziantep, is as old as the history of baklava. According to some rumors, this type of dessert comes from the Armenians and is estimated to have a 500-year history. Katmer dessert is not difficult to prepare, but it takes mastery to keep its consistency. Groom's katmer, a tradition that still continues. This dessert, which has an important place in Gaziantep's food culture, is eaten for breakfast after the bride and groom's first night so that the marriage will last a lifetime. At the same time, a tray of katmer dessert is taken to the girl's house by the groom's groomsmen. This means a lifetime of sweetness between families. The event called the groom's tray in Gaziantep became popular after the groom's katmeri event. But still, the people of Antep buy katmer dessert to keep this culture alive. Just as baklava is indispensable for Gaziantep, so is katmer. In Gaziantep, everyone used to buy katmer for breakfast and eat it in the afternoon, and no one could find katmer in the afternoon. Now, it is always available, but many of the citizens still consume katmer in the morning. 


  • 2KG Metal Tray contains approx 16 slices of katmer.
  • Keep in a cool and dry place for 5 days. 
  • Absolutely does not contain any color additives and preservatives.

Ingredients: Flour, Egg, Starch, Milk, Semolina, Clarified Oil, Sugar, Water, Lemon Juice and Pistachio


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