MorMiks Turkish Baklava with Pistachios - in 2KG Tray

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Purple Mix Turkish Baklava

Ingredients: Flour, eggs, starch, clarified butter, sugar, water, salt, and special pistachio kernels MorMiks.

We grind purple vegetables and fruits into powder and then add them to the dough and turn them into mormiks baklava. enjoy your meal!!!

Duration: 15 days in summer, 20 days in winter.

Recommendations: Before eating all of our products, warm them slightly, since the clarified butter is natural.

Storage Conditions: Keep in a cool and dry place.

Our products are completely natural without any additives.

What is MorMiks Product? What Does It Contain?

MorMiks product is produced in Sankara Brain and Biotechnology Research Center, which is located in Istanbul University, Avcılar Campus, Technology Development Zone and which is the thematic research center of our country where R&D and industrial production come together. Mormiks is basically an active ingredient in powder form that can be added to foods and can make prepared foods functional foods. It contains anthocyanins (color pigments), which are purified from purple vegetables and fruits and whose health benefits have been the subject of thousands of scientific publications. Our product is natural and local.

Why is it purple?

Or is it food coloring? you might think. The purple color comes from the natural color of the active ingredients in red vegetables and fruits. In fact, the part that is beneficial for our health in vegetables and fruits is not the sugary part, but the natural part that gives their color. For this reason, the bakery products produced are also purple in color. Since it is purified using technology, there is no change in the taste and smell of the product made. In other words, purple bakery products have a natural taste and smell. The only difference is that its content is enriched with purple components. So it does not contain any synthetic chemicals!

Who can use the products developed with MorMiks?

Individuals of all ages can safely use the products produced with our MorMiks product. It is suitable for those who do sports regularly and everyone who takes care of their health. It is a good source of antioxidants for further strengthening of health in healthy individuals. It can be used regularly in all disease groups (high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, etc.) without any inconvenience.

What kind of health effects will the products developed with MorMiks have?

Products developed with MorMiks have a "low glycemic index" due to the effects of anthocyanins. A low glycemic index means that the digestion of the consumed food is slowed down by 20% and thus a more balanced blood sugar value is reached.

There is no upper limit for the daily dose of anthocyanins. For example, 100 grams of bread prepared with 8% MorMiks contains 20 mg of anthocyanin. This is a very good rate for our health. The data of the European Food Authority (EFSA) were taken as the basis for determining these rates.

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