Premium Cold Baklava (Milk Base) White Choclate - 1.3KG Tray

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Authentic Turkish Baklava delivers fresh and tasty products to your doors. Our baklava products are prepared with the best ingredients that can be found in Turkey. Cold baklava became very popular in Turkey in the last 3 years and has become a must-have dessert after meals. After all, who does not like Chocolate, right? We are now offering our exclusive cold baklava with pistachio and chocolate flavors as a limited-time offer in the market.

You can keep the cold milk baklava in the freezer for a long time and can consume it as soon as you wish. Our Baklava has no preservative added. This will prevent your baklava from spoiling, getting moldy, or drying out too quickly.

You can keep the cold baklava in the fridge for 2 days for freshness. Store the product in a dark, cool place to preserve its freshness and moisture.

Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Pure Ghee, Eggs, Starch, Premium Pistachio, Milk, Belgium Choclate.


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