Simit Turkish Bagel (4pcs)

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Turkish simit is a famous item from turkey. These are made fresh on the same day in U.A.E.

In Turkey, eating simit is a ritual that says, "It's morning. I'm ready to start the day!"

You can eat Simit any time of the day. Have it at breakfast as a snack. Or enjoy it on your break at work. Just crack open a Simit and let the flavor explode in your mouth!

The Turkish simit, pronounced "seem it", is a bagel-shaped bread with sesame seeds on top. Today, this recipe has been blessed by the finest local ingredients and the very best of both Old World and New World culinary expertise. These are made fresh on the same day. Each pack contains 4 pieces. You can have a delightful breakfast with them that lifts your spirits every day. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Salt, Yeast, Water, Oil, Sesame, Syrup.

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